Thursday, October 8, 2015


Please come and celebrate Faery Ink's 2015 Halloween Party!


Here is my "ghost candy" for you Trick or Treaters!  Please leave a comment and include the phrase "Trick or Treat."  Please link the ghosts back to me. 

(I hope you like my little ghost treat.)

This is my first time doing a blog so I am still learning.  :-)

Digital stamps is a new adventure for me, and I really haven't played with it too much (or figure out my technique). I have colored a new pumpkin which I think looks better than the first one I had done.  I hope you like it.

You can get your free Jack-o-Lantern (and other free Halloween digital stamps) to decorate at Faery Ink! Go to the Blog section and look for "Decorate a Jack-o-Lantern with Faery Ink!"

Faery Ink has more amazing digital stamps in her shop. 

Here are some of my lovely Halloween gifts from Faery Ink (Amanda is a talented sweetheart).

Here is the candy I have collected so far: 

Faery Ink

Taz's Craft Wanderings

Crafting with Erika Paws

Faery Ink - Halloween Party!

The Halloween banners, Halloween gifts, and digital stamps (of the pumpkin, moon, star, and "Happy Halloween") were created by Amanda of Faery Ink.